Parts Washers

Our commercial aqueous parts washers are engineered for industrial and high volume applications that reduce manual cleaning labor costs, eliminate or reduce hazardous chemical contact and efficiently clean small to large parts found in machine and automotive shops to oil and heavy equipment manufacturing industries. Our industry-leading JRI and Cuda parts washers are available in various systems, including front-load and top-load machines to conveyor systems. Our parts washers are manufactured using the latest technology, backed by patents and meet the highest standard of safety.

Our aqueous parts washers offer many benefits, including:

  • Timesaving cleaning – can clean parts efficiently, sometimes in minutes
  • Money saving – no more time consuming and costly labor involved with hand cleaning parts
  • Broad selection of parts washers systems: front-load, top-load, agitation, immersion, conveyor and others
  • Modular and customize systems available
  • Optional equipment is available to enhance a parts washer’s performance and broaden its cleaning capabilities
  • And many more


Serving Wichita, Topeka, Hutchinson, Salina, Great Bend, Hays, and Dodge City KS since 1988.